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              This group is new, but they have all been playing New Orleans music for years. They are not new to the river, either. Bandleader Richard Scott started playing in the river aboard the Carnival Celebration in the year 2000. "The ship would sail up the river during the night and we would be shaken awake as the pilots would navigate the sharp turns of the river" he says. "I never minded because I knew it meant we would be back in New Orleans in the morning!"  

                Richard and his bandmates developed a great love for the music on New Orleans and with the river while performing aboard the Steamboat Natchez, the River Explorer, the Delta Queen, and other ships that have called the Port of New Orleans home. 

                The Twisty River Band is one of the few groups that performs lots of new, original songs, in the older styles of New Orleans music. It makes their brand unique, refreshing, and relevant. 

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​​The Twisty River Band is available for performances throughout the
New Orleans area and beyond.

Our Album, "Port of New Orleans is

ready for you to download!!

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